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Breaking down the NFL standings coming out of Week 9

The NFL is working its way through Week 9. We break down the standings as the league starts to look to Week 10.

Head coach Zac Taylor and Joe Burrow #9 of the Cincinnati Bengals celebrate after a touchdown during the first half in the game against the Carolina Panthers at Paycor Stadium on November 06, 2022 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

The 2022 NFL season heads into Week 10 and it’s looking like there will be plenty of logjams to get into the playoffs. We won’t start to see teams clinch playoff berths for a bit considering no one is really running away with a division, except maybe the Philadelphia Eagles, who improved to 8-0 on TNF vs. the Texans this week.

Below are the eight divisional standings, along with some quick thoughts about each division after nine weeks of football. We’ll continue updating as the league moves toward Week 10.

AFC East

The Buffalo Bills were unable to go on the road and take a bigger lead in the division, losing to the New York Jets 20-17 in Week 9. The Patriots took care of business vs. the Colts with an easy win. The Dolphins just got past the Bears 35-32 to keep pace with the Jets.

  1. Buffalo Bills, 6-2
  2. New York Jets, 6-3
  3. Miami Dolphins, 6-3
  4. New England Patriots, 5-4

AFC North

The Browns and Steelers were both on bye in Week 9. The Bengals blew out the Carolina Panthers to get over .500. The Ravens face the New Orleans Saints on Monday Night Football.

  1. Baltimore Ravens, 5-3
  2. Cincinnati Bengals, 5-4
  3. Cleveland Browns, 3-5
  4. Pittsburgh Steelers, 2-6

AFC South

The Colts lost to the Patriots by a lot in Week 9. The Jaguars were able to pick up a big win over the Raiders to get to 3-6 on the season. The Texans already lost on TNF to the Eagles while the Titans are on SNF vs. the Chiefs.

  1. Tennessee Titans, 5-3
  2. Indianapolis Colts, 3-5-1
  3. Jacksonville Jaguars, 3-6
  4. Houston Texans, 1-6-1

AFC West

The Raiders lost to the Jaguars to end their woes and drop further behind in the division. The Chargers were able to pick up a big win over the Falcons 20-17 on the road to ge to 5-3. The Broncos are on bye while the Chiefs play the Titans on SNF.

  1. Kansas City Chiefs, 6-2
  2. Los Angeles Chargers, 5-3
  3. Denver Broncos, 3-5
  4. Las Vegas Raiders, 2-6

NFC East

The Eagles won on TNF vs. the Texans this week and the Commanders lost 20-17 to the Vikings at home. The Cowboys and Giants were both on bye.

  1. Philadelphia Eagles, 8-0
  2. Dallas Cowboys, 6-2
  3. New York Giants, 6-2
  4. Washington Commanders, 4-5

NFC North

The Bears lost to the Dolphins in Week 9 35-32 but Justin Fields had a huge game, including a record 178 rushing yards for a QB. The Vikings were able to hold on for a 20-17 win over the Commanders to improve their lead in the division. The Lions were able to beat the Packers 15-9 to get their second win of the season.

  1. Minnesota Vikings, 7-1
  2. Green Bay Packers, 3-6
  3. Chicago Bears, 3-6
  4. Detroit Lions, 2-6

NFC South

The Falcons lost to the Chargers in a heartbreaker 20-17. The Panthers were blown out by the Bengals in Week 9. The Bucs take on the Rams in the afternoon window while the Saints await the Ravens on Monday Night Football.

  1. Atlanta Falcons, 4-5
  2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 3-5
  3. New Orleans Saints, 3-5
  4. Carolina Panthers, 2-7

NFC West

The Seahawks were able to beat the Cardinals to take a bigger lead in the division. The Niners were on bye. The Rams lost a tough one to the Bucs and fall to 3-5 on the season after winning the Super Bowl last season.

  1. Seattle Seahawks, 6-3
  2. San Francisco 49ers, 4-4
  3. Los Angeles Rams, 3-5
  4. Arizona Cardinals, 3-6