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NFL standings, Week 12: Breaking down the AFC West heading toward Week 13

The AFC West completed its Week 12 schedule. We break down the standings and playoff implications as we move toward Week 13.

Los Angeles Rams v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

The Kansas City Chiefs remain comfortably atop the AFC West with six weeks left in the season. The Chiefs moved to 9-2 with a decisive victory over the Rams this week, and the Bengals and Seahawks are their biggest remaining obstacles in the regular season.

The Los Angeles Chargers remain on the bubble after pulling off a last-minute win over the Arizona Cardinals, putting them at 6-5 as they compete with the Patriots and Jets for that coveted seventh spot in the AFC.

The Raiders also won today, in an overtime victory over the Seahawks, while the Broncos had a bad loss to the Carolina Panthers. At 4-7, the Raiders stand very little chance of fitting into the playoff picture.

Below is a rundown of the AFC West division standings, each team’s opponent next week, and their division title odds at DraftKings Sportsbook heading toward Week 13.

2022-23 AFC West standings

AFC West Record Wk opp Week 1 Week 18
AFC West Record Wk opp Week 1 Week 18
Kansas City Chiefs 13-3 @ LV +175 OTB
Los Angeles Chargers 10-6 @ DEN +220 OTB
Las Vegas Raiders 6-10 vs. KC +650 OTB
Denver Broncos 4-12 vs. LAC +260 OTB