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Commanders owners Dan and Tanya Snyder exploring options to sell team

The team confirmed the Snyders are pursuing potential sales transactions.

Daniel M. Snyder talks at a press conference after the NFL approved his 800 million USD purchase of the Washington Redskins at an NFL meeting in Atlanta, GA 25 May, 1999. The NFL’s 31 team owners unanimously approved the sale of the team and Jack Kent Cooke Stadium in Wahington, DC. AFP PHOTO Photo credit should read STEVE SCHAEFER/AFP via Getty Images

The Washington Commanders could be on the road to a new ownership group, as owners Dan and Tanya Snyder have now hired Bank of America to help him sell the team, per Forbes. But, at this preliminary point, what that sale would look like is unknown.

According to someone familiar with the process, Snyder already has at least four calls from groups interested in buying the team. Snyder and his bankers are exploring all options and a transaction could be for the entire NFL team or a minority stake.

As you would imagine, there are already investors champing at the bit to get one of the 32 NFL teams, but the Snyders appear to leave the door open to continue to control a majority stake.

The team as a whole put out a statement which backs up the Forbes reporting, but of course goes into little detail:

There is little doubt that many, many people would like to see the Snyders sell the team. The Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay spoke on the record that he would like them to sell the team, which is a move other owners probably agree with, but are too worried about their own positions in the small company of NFL owners.

The Snyders have a laundry list of transgressions that should have pushed them out, but NFL owners wield too much power and don’t want consequences for their actions.