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Leonard Fournette tosses interception on crazy play to Tom Brady vs. Seahawks

This might be the worst trick play you’ll ever see.

NFL fans in Munich, Germany got a fun, but poorly executed trick play, as Leonard Fournette underthrew Tom Brady and was picked off. Brady slipped and then tried to trip the defender, getting a tripping flag for his troubles. It was all very ugly.

The Buccaneers had given Fournette a direct snap a couple plays back, which had Brady lined out wide. Brady wasn’t covered on that play as Fournette ran the ball, so they tried the same play, but this time with a pass to Brady instead of a run. That was not a good idea, as Brady was covered and Fournette does not have the arm to throw Brady open.

The Buccaneers have dominated the game for the most part, but the Seahawks have shown some life after halftime, but still trail 14-3 in the third quarter.