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Patrick Peterson mocks Kyler Murray’s Call of Duty game-playing

Call of Duty jokes won’t be getting old anytime soon.

Minnesota Vikings cornerback Patrick Peterson (7) tackles Arizona Cardinals running back Eno Benjamin (26) in the second quarter at U.S. Bank Stadium. Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Like anybody, Kyler Murray has off-field hobby and does not identify exclusively as a football player. However, one hobby has gotten extra attention. Murray’s love of Call of Duty has reached the point where we can track his performance against COD events.

Whether it’s serious or not, the mockery has extended to more than just fans and media. Now, opposing players are getting in the fun. In Week 8, one of Murray’s former teammates poked fun at him after a turnover. The Cardinals faced the Vikings and in the third quarter, safety Harrison Smith picked off Murray and set up an eventual Vikings touchdown.

After the pick, Minnesota’s defense ran to the end zone to celebrate and Patrick Peterson led with a unique celebration. The former Cardinals player mimed putting on a headset and playing a video game.

Peterson was asked about his celebration after the game and he tried to play it straight. He played two years with Murray in Arizona, but felt plenty comfortable having fun at his expense.