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Peyton, Eli break down 49ers-Rams streaker on Manningcast and then Bobby Wagner crushed the guy

The ManningCast rules all.

The ManningCast has been one of the best innovations in football broadcasting in some time, and Week 4 Monday Night Football brought another great moment. A streaker ran on the field to interrupt the game and we got to hear Peyton and Eli break down the moment!

Normally announcers will not someone on the field and then they usually try and ignore it and talk about the game. Not Peyton and Eli!

They noted that they understood the A-team broadcast can’t get into details, their B-team should be able to. And then we eventually got some video and Peyton and Eli getting excited when Bobby Wagner crushed the streaker as he ran by the Rams sideline.

How can you note love this excitement? Check out the full video below because this might be the best broadcasting moment of the 2022 NFL season.