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This video angle after Andy Dalton’s first pick-six is amazing

The timing of this was absolutely perfect.

The New Orleans Saints looked like they were going to give the Arizona Cardinals a tough game, and might even secure the road upset. The Saints put a pair of touchdowns on the board and in return the Cardinals had only managed two field goals.

And then we hit the two-minute warning and things went haywire for Andy Dalton and the Saints.

With 1:50 remaining, Dalton looked for Marquez Callaway only to have Marco Wilson pick off the pass. He had plenty of open space and a got a full head of steam going toward the end zone. He made a celebratory dive and somersault into the end zone, and got some good air on the dive.

The dive resulted in a truly epic camera angle on the replay. The Amazon Prime Video broadcast showed the pick and ended with the camera on Dalton walking dejectedly away. As he’s headed towards his sideline, we see Wilson beginning his dive into the end zone. The look on Dalton’s face coupled with the dive is about as perfect a pairing as one can expect.