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How the Bucs will fail to cover the +73 from DraftKings Sportsbook

The champs are +73 to get the cover on Thursday night at DK to open the season. Here’s how they won’t quite cover.

Tom Brady of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers throws a pass against the Houston Texans in the first quarter during a NFL preseason game at NRG Stadium on August 28, 2021 in Houston, Texas. Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

The defending NFL champions will open up the 2021 season at Raymond James Stadium on Thursday night, as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers take on the Dallas Cowboys in the lid lifter for the season.

Your friends at DraftKings Sportsbook also have a heckvua deal available: Bucs +73 to cover the spread. And considering every other wagering shop in the world has Tampa Bay about -8.5 or so, a cool 81.5 points of free value is probably something you should look into using. Especially since the largest blowout in NFL history was a 73-point win on December 8th, 1940.

But what if this is a trap? What if DK actually knows something the rest of you don’t, and that tragedy and unforeseen events will actually overwhelm the Lombardi Trophy holders, and they’re actually not only going to lose in magnificent fashion, they’re not even going to cover!

If this is the case, here’s how it might happen.

Tampa is home to the best Cuban sandwiches in the world. The almost mystical combination of ham, pork, salami, mustard, pickles, and cheese is pressed warm in the same way it was for the cigar workers early in the 20th Century.

It’s an icon of the city, and no one from outside Hillsborough County loves it more than one man: One Jerral Wayne “Jerry” Jones.

The Double J isn’t above a little trickeration when it comes to an opponent’s pregame meal, and as his henchmen find their way into the trucks delivering the pregame meal to One Buc Place, the opportunity to make a mess of it seems to much.

As for the Bucs, since no one that eats can or should refuse a freshly-pressed honey Cuban for fear of missing out on some of the best dining you’ll ever have, the players inhale plenty of the delightful treat.

But all of them will pay for it right about the same time, as there’s a water pressure problem in the locker rooms behind the west sideline. With most of the team indisposed, we’ve got cornerbacks suiting up on the offensive line. Full chaos breaks out. And the Cowboys just decide to pour on the pain to get their Hard Knocks season started on the right foot.

Or maybe Tom Brady in one last celebration of his Super Bowl victory ends up in the strip club across the street from the stadium, with his offensive line in the infamous VIP spaceship instead of under center (Google if you wish, we’re not linking to it). It’s a new, more relaxed Tom Brady in 2021. Maybe that extends off the field as well?

These are just two of so many scenarios that could play out where the Bucs could theoretically lose this game by 73 points. You’re probably safe taking the points on this promo.