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Report: Texans turned down insane offer for QB Deshaun Watson

The Texans QB has yet to play this season due to legal issues and apparently one team threw the kitchen sink at Houston for him.

Deshaun Watson of the Houston Texans in action against the Tennessee Titans during a game at NRG Stadium on January 03, 2021 in Houston, Texas. Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

The Houston Texans have been without QB Deshaun Watson to start the season as he is dealing with allegations off the field. As a result, there have been plenty of talk about a potential trade out of Houston. Apparently, the Texans don’t like draft picks. According to Jay Glazer, the Texans turned down an offer for Watson that included three first-round picks and three third-round draft picks. Six picks. For someone who may end up not playing in the NFL ever again. It’s hard to get behind either side in all of this. It’s just an insane report.

Reports are out saying the Texans are starting to entertain the idea of trading Watson, who was accused of sexual misconduct by 22 women in a civil suit. It’s unclear what will happen with the Texans QB, but who knows why any team would want him at this point. Still, it’s the NFL and Watson will probably get his way and force a trade out of Houston. Reports are saying the Miami Dolphins are interested in trading for Watson with second-year QB Tua Tagovailoa sidelined with injury.

The Texans are off to a tough start to the season and are lucky to be 1-2 after beating the Jaguars in Week 1. Davis Mills had to start in Week 3 vs. the Panthers and that was a gong show with Tyrod Taylor injured. So it appears the Texans are probably heading toward tanking for the No. 1 overall pick.