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Gus Johnson loses his mind on the Vikings missed field goal as time expired

The FOX announce is a legend in big moments, and he showed it again in Week 2 when Greg Joseph missed a game-winning field goal.

Minnesota Vikings kicker Greg Joseph (1) misses a 37-yard field goal as time expires against the Arizona Cardinals at State Farm Stadium. Billy Hardiman-USA TODAY Sports

Gus Johnson is on the short list for greatest play-by-play announcers of all time, and Week 2 of the 2021 NFL season offered another piece of evidence to support the argument. Minnesota Vikings kicker Greg Joseph lined up for a 37-yard field goal attempt that would have secured a big road win over the Arizona Cardinals. It was not a gimme, but Joseph is paid the big bucks to make these kinds of kicks.

And then he missed. And Gus Johnson absolutely lost his mind.

Some complain that Johnson is too over the top and too emotive. Those are the proverbial thieves of joy. This was a wild game with a particularly crazy ending and Johnson’s emotion reflected what NFL fans were feeling. Whether you’re a Vikings fan, a Cardinals fan, or a neutral observer, that ending left us all shocked and bewildered. Thankfully, Gus Johnson was there to express how we all felt.