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Cole Beasley offers to buy away game tickets for unvaccinated Bills fans

The minority of unvaccinated players are making the most noise at this point in the NFL.

Cole Beasley #11 of the Buffalo Bills during training camp at Highmark Stadium on July 31, 2021 in Orchard Park, New York. Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

93% of NFL players have received at least one shot in the vaccination process to protect themselves from COVID-19 and generally be good citizens. It is important to note that because the remaining 7% of NFL players remain the issue. We should be focusing on the 93% doing the right thing, but it also needs to be made clear to the unvaccinated players that do not have a legitimate medical reason for not being vaccinated that they are making a selfish choice.

Which brings us to Buffalo Bills wide receiver Cole Beasley and long snapper Reid Ferguson. The Bills are one of a small number of NFL teams that requires fans be vaccinated to attend games. There have been complaints from unvaccinated Bills fans, and now Beasley and Ferguson are offering to purchase tickets to road games for unvaccinated fans.

The Buffalo News reported on the two players offer and the response it has received from fans — both positive and negative. Fans were tagging Beasley and Ferguson and both players replied to fans offering to buy them tickets where needed.

The discussion among the unvaccinated Bills fans ranged from concerns about the speed of the vaccine (never mind the research was part of a broader effort of over a decade of research, and the Pfizer vaccine has been given formal approval by the FDA), the need for it if you’re young and healthy (young and healthy people can still get it and the vaccine has shown an overwhelming ability to keep people out of the hospital and not dead), and “something, something freedom and politics.”

It’s important to remember what I mentioned above, that most NFL players are vaccinated or in the process of getting vaccinated. It’s a small vocal minority that are creating issues. It would be nice to just ignore them if they were not potentially harming others, but given the nature of the pandemic, it’s important to call them out for bad behavior that will hurt the general public. This is such an example and needs to be called out.