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Vikings HC Mike Zimmer growing frustrated with QB COVID-19 situation

Vikings QBs are losing valuable practice time due to COVID-19

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins (8) participates in drills at training camp at TCO Performance Center. Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer isn’t happy with the COVID-19 situation in his quarterbacks room. Right now they are all out due to COVID-19 protocols. Rookie Kelly Mond has tested positive for the virus, but is vaccinated. Starting quarterback Kirk Cousins was a close contact and is out for at least five days, presumably because he is not vaccinated.

The Vikings already had to reassign coach Rick Dennison to a desk job for not getting the vaccination and now Cousins appears to also have decided not to get vaccinated. Cousins had said earlier that he “would keep his medical records private,” per Chris Tomasson. That is of course his right, but his extended absence from the team indicates that he has not been vaccinated.

Zimmer has been vocal with his frustration with the situation. Asked on Monday about having an emergency quarterback ready in case COVID-19 were to hit his QB room once again, Zimmer said it is a consideration and will “depend on how many quarterbacks on roster are vaccinated.”

Zimmer also commented on anti-vaccine rhetoric, saying, “Some of the things they read are just, woof, out there.” With every comment, it is hard not to envision that Zimmer is talking directly to his starting quarterback. He also says, “I’m frustrated, not just with my football players who didn’t get vaccinated, but I’m frustrated with everybody [who didn’t].