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Nagy: “Good possibility” Justin Fields gets work with 1’s against Dolphins

The Chicago Bears will give rookie Justin Fields more chances to prove himself with the first team.

Jul 29, 2021; Lake Forest, IL, USA; Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy and quarterback Justin Fields (1) look on during a Chicago Bears training camp session at Halas Hall. Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports

Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy told reporters that there was a “good possibility” that rookie quarterback Justin Fields in their joint practice today with the Miami Dolphins, per ESPN’s Jeff Dickerson. Fields has reportedly made plenty of amazing plays in practice, but at the same time has been uneven, as would be expected from a rookie quarterback.

Reports haven’t been as awe inspiring about Andy Dalton, but they have overall been better, as he brings in the consistency that a veteran brings to the job. In many ways the quarterback competition is going much like we should expect.

Fields is the future starting quarterback without a doubt, but will that future be in Week 1 or Week 9? Or does Dalton prove to be consistent enough to hold onto the job all season? There really is no good way to foresee at this point, but the odds do appear to be in favor of Dalton starting Week 1,