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Gardner Minshew lands on top of depth chart in “open competition” with Trevor Lawrence

Urban Meyer creates farcical QB competition for the No. 1 overall pick.

Even Money Podcast | KC Joyner

New Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer tells reporters that it is an “open competition” between the No. 1 overall pick Trevor Lawrence and Gardner Minshew to start the season opener against the Houston Texans. By all accounts Lawrence has lived up to his billing and shouldn’t have any trouble beating out Minshew, but Meyer is likely using his college football wiles to push the rookie.

Minshew showed last season that he is not a starting quarterback in this league, at least not for a team looking to win games, which the Jaguars were not. Everybody and their dog knows that Lawrence is the better player and needs to be out there from Day 1. This competition is a charade and pretty ridiculous in the grand scheme.

The depth chart even has Minshew as QB1 with Lawrence as QB2. I’m sure Meyer is making it clear that Lawrence has to earn his spot, but what has he been doing most of his waking life? Yeah, he’s been earning that No. 1 job and it’s just silly to pretend he doesn’t deserve it yet.

What’s next? Tim Tebow getting snaps ahead of Lawrence? These are grown ups who have a grasp of reality. Meyer’s head games just come off looking childish.