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Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes grace new Madden 22 cover

Mahomes and Brady are the two GOATs on the cover of Madden 22

A man wearing a Tom Brady jersey, left, and a woman wearing a Patrick Mahomes jersey are pictured in the stands before the start of the 2019 AFC Championship Game. Photo by Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

EA Sports released a teaser video of the new Madden 22 cover two days ago of two goats coming out of a barn door. There was much speculation, but in the end, the obvious choices came to fruition as Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes were announced as the cover boys. GOAT, as you likely know, stands for greatest of all time. Brady was the obvious choice after coming off yet another Super Bowl victory and Super Bowl MVP award, but Mahomes is just going into his fourth season as a starting NFL quarterback whereas Brady will play in his 21st this year.

The teaser ad did show an older and younger goat, so there was truth in advertising there, as Brady will be 44 this season while Mahomes will be 26. Even Tom Brady can’t compete with the start Mahomes has had in just three seasons. The Chiefs quarterback has won the MVP award, been two two Super Bowls, won a Super Bowl MVP and thrown for 50 touchdowns and for over 5,000 yards in a season. He of course has a long, long way to go to reach Brady’s 10 Super Bowl appearances and seven wins, but there’s no doubt these two can both be considered GOATs at this point in their careers.