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EA Sports teases new Madden 22 cover

Who are the two GOATs on the cover of Madden 22?

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EA Sports released a teaser video for their upcoming announcement of who the official cover boys of Madden 22 on Thursday. This year there will be two players on the cover, as the teaser features two goats coming out of a barn door. GOAT, which stands for greatest of all time, likely means we will see Tom Brady as one of the two players. There’s no getting around his solid footing as the most decorated quarterback in the history of the NFL. But the other player is a bit more mysterious.

The last time Madden featured two players was in 2010 when Larry Fitzgerald and Troy Polamalu graced the cover. Who will the second player be? Patrick Mahomes with an MVP and two Super Bowl appearances, including a win and Super Bowl MVP award in just three seasons might be the first to pop into minds. He would be my guess, but Aaron Rodgers, J.J. Watt, Aaron Donald and Rob Gronkowski could also be in the mix.

We’ll wait for the announcement on Thursday, but until then, consider yourself teased: