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Report: Team offers first round pick for Julio Jones, who might that exclude?

We look at which teams don’t have a first round pick in 2022 and what that might mean for their pursuit of a Julio Jones trade

Ross Tucker Football Podcast | Is Julio done in Atlanta?

The Atlanta Falcons will wait until after June 1st to make any Julio Jones trade official, as it’s better for their balance sheet, but that doesn’t mean a deal can’t be done beforehand. The most recent report is that the Falcons have received an offer of a first-round pick for the star receiver, per ESPN’s Dianna Russini.

If this is true, and we have to say “if” when it comes to team jockeying for trade leverage in the media. But, if this is true, a few teams can be excluded as possibilities for Jones. Here is a list of teams that will not have a first rounder in 2022 unless they trade for one:

49ers: Traded 2022 1st Rd. pick to Dolphins in deal that landed them Trey Lance
Bears: Traded 2022 1st Rd. pick to Giants in deal that landed them Justin Fields
Colts: Traded 2022 1st Rd. pick to Eagles for Carson Wentz
Rams: Traded 2022 1st Rd. pick to Lions for Matthew Stafford
Seahawks: Traded 2022 1st Rd. pick to Jets for Jamal Adams

The 49ers and Colts have both been favorites for landing Jones, but this news would rule them out. The teams that are considered favorites and have a first rounder to give, are the Patriots, Titans, Ravens, Dolphins, Cowboys and Packers.

At this point it seems that the Patriots are the frontrunner, but there isn’t enough strong evidence of that to feel any certainty. The odds that we see are based on reports, rumors and salary cap space. Any team in the NFL could figure out a way to land Jones. They could throw in players, second round picks and even a future first-rounder while also restructuring current contracts to help them fit under the cap. I’m not willing exclude any teams, even those without 2022 first rounders just yet.