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Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady to take on Bryson DeChambeau and Aaron Rodgers in The Match

A six-time major winner and seven-time Super Bowl champion will face a one-time major winner and one-time Super Bowl champion. And the trash talk has begun.

Will Aaron Rodgers defeat Tom Brady on the biggest stage?

Update 2:23 p.m. Here are the opening odds from DraftKings Sportsbook’s Johnny Avello for the match:

Bryson DeChambeau and Aaron Rodgers: -160
Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady: +140

Update 2:15 p.m. We had to add this, because it’s too good. The social media in the build-up to this event should be outstanding.

Heads-up pro-golfer/NFL quarterback match play is back, and this time it could be more polarizing than ever.

Capital One’s The Match returns, and this time the losing team in 2020 of Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady are taking on Brooks Koekpa’s best friend Bryson DeChambeau and potential incumbent game show host Aaron Rodgers. It’s a good thing sports fans don’t have a lot of opinions on these four humans, or else we might have some debate on social media!

Tom Brady’s Twitter account went extra savage to start the proceedings. The Paul brothers of boxing/YouTube fame would be proud of this kind of trash talk to sell tickets. A Super Burn from the NFC Championship Game winner.

Last year The Match took place last year at The Medalist on the east coast of Florida, with Mickelson and Brady losing by one to a team of Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning.

Moonlight Basin in Montana will play host, and it makes for an interesting challenge for the players on a course where none of the four should play that often. But the biggest takeaway here might be what DeChambeau can do with a driver at 7,500 feet of elevation. We could be looking at multiple 400+ yard bombs depending on the course setup, which can play a preposterous 8,000 yards from the tips.

There is no word out of DeChambeau’s camp if he’s going to draft a younger partner as a potential replacement before the match begins.