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Aaron Rodgers is at the Kentucky Derby with Packers teammates

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers may want out of Green Bay, but at least he’s having a good time with his still current teammates.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is reportedly incredibly unhappy with the organization and wants out. There was speculation Thursday he might be headed to Denver, but things have settled down for the time being. The Packers front office has said they will not trade him, but there’s a lot of offseason remaining.

In the meantime, Rodgers is not letting his squabble with the front office get in the way of a little fun. Rodgers is in Louisville, Kentucky on Saturday for the 147th running of the Kentucky Derby. And there is of course a picture of Rodgers in what is a ... questionable fashion decision.

Rodgers shaved his beard but is either starting to let it grow back or just decided not to shave of late. The hat is a questionable call, but I think it might be more an issue of everything together. It’s just a bit of an odd look. But hey, it’s the Derby and normal is not the name of the game.

Whatever the case, he’s playing nice with teammates and one has to wonder what the conversations have been like this offseason and particularly the past 48 hours. A few mint juleps should loosen up the conversation if it’s a little tight!