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Stefon Diggs tells Patriots fans to ‘Shut the f*** up!’ after scoring touchdown

The Buffalo Bills are off to a strong start in the first half against the New England Patriots, taking a 17-7 lead into halftime. Wide receiver Stefon Diggs got the Bills into a double digit lead with a touchdown catch at the 1:45 mark of the second quarter. After scoring, he had some choice words for Patriots fans in the stands.

This is a critical AFC East matchup with first place on the line. If the Patriots win, they clinch the division title. If the Bills win, they move into a tie for first with New England and hold the divisional record tiebreaker edge.

Suffice to say, emotions were going to be pretty high for this one. Fans are likely getting chippy as well and it wouldn’t be surprising to hear that fans were getting on Diggs and other Bills during pre-game warmups. Whatever the case, the Bills are off to a strong start in a huge Week 16 matchup.