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Cowboys bring own benches for huge Week 14 game vs. Washington

The Cowboys and Washington face off in Week 14 with critical NFC East positioning on the line.

A general view of FedExField prior to the game between the Washington Football Team and the Carolina Panthers on December 27, 2020 in Landover, Maryland. Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys and Washington Football Team face off on Sunday in a key matchup for the playoff picture. It’s a key matchup for what is one of the historic rivalries in the NFL. Washington and Dallas have been going back and forth for years, and with both teams in contention this season, Dallas is turning up the heat a bit.

Washington is hosting Sunday’s game, but Dallas decided to fly in their own sideline benches for the matchup. Teams don’t usually do this, but they are allowed to if they want. As Mitchell Tischler noted, Washington and the stadium operators cannot deny the Cowboys on this one.

This follows Mike McCarthy guaranteeing a win earlier this week. I would hope a team thinks they’ll win their game, but naturally this has led to some kerfuffle among Washington fans.

Dallas is 8-4 and Washington is 6-6. In setting up the schedule, somehow the NFL decided to stack the NFC East divisional matchups in the closing weeks. Washington closes the season facing Dallas, Philadelphia, Dallas, Philadelphia, and New York. Dallas closes with Washington, New York, Washington, Arizona, and Philadelphia. The 6-7 Eagles are on bye this week and close with Washington, New York, Washington, and Dallas.

The Cowboys could close this out in short order or this could come down to the wire. But regardless, Dallas is looking to make a statement when they face Washington in Week 14.