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Texans wouldn’t allow DeShaun Watson to speak with Panthers

The DeShaun Watson trade situation continues to sound like a mess.

Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson (4) sits on the field after fumbling the ball that was recovered by the Philadelphia Eagles during the fourth quarter at Lincoln Financial Field. Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Texans, despite trying to trade away their quarterback DeShaun Watson, aren’t allowing teams to speak with him, per Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer. The Panthers, who have been linked and unlinked to Watson a few times now, were unable to talk with him when they made the request according to Glazer.

Multiple reports have come out saying that the Panthers are no longer in trade talks with the Texans and this could be one of the many reasons to shy away from the situation. It appears Watson would be able to play whenever he wants, as NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has made it clear there isn’t enough information on Watson’s multiple sexual assault allegations to put Watson on the exempt list.

The Miami Dolphins have been the closest to making a deal for Watson, but appear to be hung up on the uncertainty of his status and with their record of 1-6, it is probably too late for him to make any difference this season. They are looking at him longterm at this point and that’s where much of the uncertainty lies.

This situation is complicated, but any team trading for Watson would take on a lot of risk, both financially and on the public relations front.