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Rumor: ‘Deshaun Watson has played his last snap’ in Houston

Texans star QB apparently wants out of Houston and fast.

Deshaun Watson to the Panthers? Why it could make more sense than you think

UPDATE 1/21: It has been reported by ESPN’s Chris Mortenson that Watson would like to be traded to Miami, but the Houston Chronicle’s Aaron Wilson that quarterback Tua Tagovailoa “isn’t regarded as a quarterback the Texans will view as an adequate replacement for Watson, according to multiple league sources.” It would take Watson digging his heels in deep and a King’s ransom to get Watson out of Houston, but Watson is the caliber of player to push a team to go all in.

UPDATE 1/17: Rumors keep swirling that Watson wants out of Houston and would prefer to go to the Miami Dolphins. This update from a trusted source like Adam Schefter isn’t one that Houston fans will want to read, but there is no doubt that Watson is fed up with ownership and management:

If you’re a fan of a team that Deshaun Watson could make exponentially better, then this rumor is one to give you hope. That hope is more than likely of the false variety, but there is no doubt that Houston has not set their start quarterback up to win, especially in the playoffs. The whispers about town have Watson laying out feelers with those around him about the idea of demanding a trade, per Pro Football Talk.

This rumor isn’t one you would see from Adam Schefter or Jay Glazer, but Mike Florio and company are willing to to turn these whispers into a story. They posit that Watson could request a trade if they don’t hire a coach to his liking. Of course, if Watson is letting this information leak, he could be trying to give himself a little more say in the coaching hire.

The Texans already doubled down on their fascination with recreating the Patriots by hiring their player of personnel Nick Caserio. The same executive who has helped the Patriots find an extremely long list of wide receiver busts in the draft.

If the Texans wanted, they could easily get a king’s ransom for Watson in the way of draft picks and there would be 20+ teams waiting in line to throw everything they have at them. As rumors go, this one doesn’t hold much weight, as it could be true, but there is little reason to believe the two sides would end up parting ways.