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Mike Tirico to replace Al Michaels for Week 15 Sunday Night Football due to Covid-19

Week 15 Sunday Night Football will have a change in NBC’s announcer booth.

A detailed view of a NBC Sunday Night Football NFL logo sticker is seen on a field camera in action during a NFL game between the Chicago Bears and the Minnesota Vikings on November 18, 2018 at Soldier Field, in Chicago, Illinois. Photo by Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Week 15 update: Mike Tirico is making a replacement appearance again in Week 15 for Browns-Giants. Al Michaels did not pass NBC Universal’s COVID-19 health protocols and will miss the game.

Week 14 update: Mike Tirico is back once again to replace Al Michaels on Sunday Night Football. Tirico joins Cris Collinsworth during one of Michaels’ bye weeks this season, with Kathryn Teppen replacing Michele Tafoya for the week. Michaels and Tafoya should be back in Week 15.

Week 12 update: Mike Tirico and Tony Dungy are replacing Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth for Sunday Night Football in Week 12. Michaels and Collinsworth were scheduled to call this game, but they were bumped to the Ravens-Steelers game that has been moved to Tuesday. That game was originally scheduled for Thanksgiving and was going to have Tirico on the call, but Covid-19 resulted in the change.

The NFL wraps up its Sunday with Sunday Night Football, and in recent years that has brought us the announcing team of Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth. However, this season, we’ll be seeing Mike Tirico get some time in the booth in place of Michaels.

Starting in Week 3, Tirico will occasionally replace Michaels in what are being referred to as “bye weeks” for Michaels. An early September report indicated Tirico would call somewhere in the three-to-five game range. After an appearance in Week 3, the program’s executive producer said, “after that we’re going to take it month by month just to kind of see how the schedule shakes out.”

This sounds like the beginning of the eventual transition away from Michaels to Tirico. He told the New York Post he was part of formulating the plan and is “all in” on it. His contract is up following the 2021 season, which also happens to be the next time NBC broadcasts the Super Bowl. We very well could see the official change happen after that game.