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Watch Raheem Mostert score 80-yard touchdown with fastest time measured

The 49ers get on the board with a speedy Raheem Mostert touchdown.

San Francisco 49ers running back Raheem Mostert runs with the football during training camp at Levi s Stadium. Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers wasted little time getting on the scoreboard against the New York Jets in Week 2. Running back Raheem Mostert took the pitch to open the game at the 20-yard line and ran it 80 yards for the score.

What’s most notable about the score is that he set a record for fastest run since the NFL started measuring various speed metrics. The league has added chips to each players’ uniforms, and it has allowed Next Gen Stats to measure things like player speed over the last few years. Mostert set the record for fastest run since measurements began, according to NFL Network Red Zone host Scott Hanson.

UPDATE: Mostert hit a top speed of 23.09 miles per hour on his touchdown run. That’s the fasted top speed by a ball carrier on a play from scrimmage over the last give seasons, breaking his own record from last week, per Nick Wagoner.