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Report: Latest NFL owners proposal includes only one preseason game

The NFL owners and players are moving closer together with the latest owners’ proposal.

General view of the practice areas at Saint Vincent College before the Pittsburgh Steelers take the field for training camp. Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL owners have made their latest counter-proposal to the players, and they are making movement. The owners are proposing one preseason game for each team, according to NFL Network reporter Tom Pelissero, which is a decrease from their previous proposal of two games.

The owners’ proposal would have the one game played during what would normally be the third week of the preseason: the week of August 27th. The joint committee formed by the owners players recommended three weeks of strength and conditioning work, 10 days of non-padded practice and 10 days of padded practice over the final two weeks, per Pro Football Talk. This new proposal does not equal that, but moves in that direction.

PFT reported last week that one preseason game was the likely result of the negotiations, and the hope was for shortened travel. That would result in examples like the Jets and Giants and Chargers and Rams facing off.

A league source tells PFT that one preseason game is currently the “very likely” outcome to the negotiations aimed at getting the various rules resolved before camps open. Ideally, the games would consist of minimal travel (e.g., Jets vs. Giants, Chargers vs. Rams, Ravens vs. TBD), with the goal of having all games proceed with no teams flying.