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Seattle Seahawks: Fantasy Madden Stream Ratings and Abilities

Seattle’s attribute ratings, special abilities and depth chart for the Madden Streams.

Seattle Seahawks v Carolina Panthers Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

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Top DraftKings fantasy football options from the Seahawks to use on Madden Stream contests. Find the attribute ratings, special abilities and depth charts listed below.


Russell Wilson 97 OVERALL – AWR 96 – SPD 86 – SAC 93 – MAC 94 – DAC 96 – THP 91


3RD DOWN RB: C.J. Prosise

POWER BACK: Chris Carson

SLOT WR: Tyler Lockett


(of players that will see the field)

1. D.K. Metcalf 95 SPEED
2. CB – Shaquill Griffin 94 SPEED
3. WR – Tyler Lockett 93 SPEED
4. CB – Tre Flowers 91 SPEED
5. WR – Josh Gordon 91 SPEED


1. MLB – Bobby Wagner 98 XFACTOR

2. QB – Russell Wilson 94 XFACTOR

3. LE – Jadeveon Clowney 88

4. WR – Tyler Lockett 88

5. HB – Chris Carson 86

6. LT – Duane Brown 84

7. CB – Shaquill Griffin 84

8. HB – Marshawn Lynch 84

9. DT – Jarran Reed 81

10. ROLB – K.J. Wright 81

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X – SHUTDOWN (Tighter coverage and more interceptions on contested catches. Plasters receiver routes and excels at intercepting passes on contested catches when in the Zone)

Trigger Conditions: Two Forced Incompletions or one INT (Requires Three Forced Incompletions or one INT in Competitive)

Knockout Conditions: 30 Offensive Yards Allowed

SS Trait – ENFORCER (Defenders with this ability don’t allow broken tackles when hit-sticking ballcarriers)

SS Trait – TACKLE SUPREME (Defenders with this ability have better conservative and dive tackling)


X – BLITZ RADAR (Highlights extra blitzers after the ball is snapped)

Defensive recognition: Extra blitzers that are not defensive lineman are highlighted during the play.

Trigger Conditions: Three Scrambles of Over 10 Yards (Requires Five in Competitive)

Knockout Conditions: Two Sacks, One Fumble, or One INT

SS Trait – ESCAPE ARTIST (Passers with this ability are faster and more responsive to user input while scrambling behind the line of scrimmage.)

SS Trait – THREAT DETECTOR (Highlights blitzers during pre-play on 3rd/4th down)

SS Trait – DASHING DEADEYE (Perfect passing accuracy when throwing on the run when outside the pocket)

SS Trait – AGILE EXTENDER (While in the pocket, passers with this ability are almost guaranteed to evade the first sack attempt by a blitzing defensive back.)



SS Trait – TACKLE SUPREME (Defenders with this ability have better conservative and dive tackling)