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Los Angeles Chargers: Fantasy Madden Stream Ratings and Abilities

Los Angeles’ attribute ratings, special abilities and depth chart for the Madden Streams.

Los Angeles Chargers v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images

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Top DraftKings fantasy football options from the Chargers to use on Madden Stream contests. Find the attribute ratings, special abilities and depth charts listed below.


Philip Rivers 84 OVERALL – AWR 88 – SPD 65 – SAC 94 – MAC 92 – DAC 85 – THP 86


3RD DOWN RB: Austin Ekeler

POWER BACK: Melvin Gordon III

SLOT WR: Keenan Allen


(of players that will see the field)

1. WR – Travis Benjamin 92 SPEED
2. CB – Michael Davis 92 SPEED
3. HB – Austin Ekeler 92 SPEED
4. HB – Melvin Gordon III 92 SPEED

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1. WR – Keenan Allen 92 XFACTOR

2. LE – Joey Bosa 91 XFACTOR

3. CB – Casey Hayward Jr. 91

4. RE – Melvin Ingram III 88

5. SS -Derwin James Jr. 88 XFACTOR

6. TE – Hunter Henry 87

7. CB – Desmond King II 87

8. RB – Melvin Gordon III 84

9. QB – Philip Rivers 84

10. RB – Austin Ekeler 83



X – RAC ’EM UP (Wins RAC catches versus single coverage. Runner after the catch, rarely lets RAC catches slip away and secures contested RAC catches in single coverage when in the zone)

Trigger Conditions: Three Receptions for 20+ Yards (Requires Five in Competitive)

Knockout Conditions: One Dropped Pass, Forced Incompletion, or Fumble

SS Trait – IN OUT ELITE (Better route running and catching on in and out routes)

SS Trait – SLOT O MATIC (Quicker cuts and improved catching from the slot)


X – UNSTOPPABLE FORCE (Pass rush wins lead to quicker block shedding. Rushes with everything. Always wins with any pass rush move versus a single blocker when in the zone)

Trigger Conditions: Two Sacks (Requires Three in Competitive)

Knockout Conditions: 10 Offensive Yards Allowed

SS Trait – EDGE THREAT (Dominant pass rush moves from the edge)

SS Trait – FINESSE SPECIALIST (Faster finesse move animations during the pass rush)


X- REINFORCEMENT (Higher chance to defeat run blocks and disrupt catches. Dual-threat defender: Dominates run blockers, prevents broken tackles, and forces catch knockouts with catch tackles when in the Zone)

Trigger Conditions: Two Forced Incompletions or Tackles for Loss (Requires Three in Competitive)

Knockout Conditions: 20 Offensive Yards Allowed

SS Trait – UN-FAKEABLE (Decreased chance to be faked out by ballcarrier moves)

SS Trait – ZONED OUT (Improved reactions and catch knockouts in zone)



SS Trait – POCKET LEAD (Extended range on precision from the pocket)

SS Trait – LOFTING DEADEYE (Perfect pass accuracy on lob and touch throws)