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2021 Pro Bowl lands in Las Vegas

After missing out on the 2020 NFL Draft due to a pandemic, Las Vegas will host the 2021 Pro Bowl.

The Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign is an icon of the Las Vegas Strip created in 1959 by Betty Willis and Ted Rogich for Clark County, Nevada. Willis received $ 4,000 for his work. The design is characteristic of the googie architecture movement in which it was very popular at that time. The sign was built by Western Neon. Over the years, the sign has moved further south on Las Vegas Boulevard due to the city’s growth. Photo by Joaquin Gomez Sastre/NurPhoto via Getty Images

The 2021 NFL Pro Bowl will be played at Allegiant Stadium, new home to the Las Vegas Raiders. After losing the 2020 NFL Draft to coronavirus, the NFL likely wanted to makeup for the loss in revenue and promotion.

The game will again be filled with no tackling and will look nothing like real football. The week of festivities are likely to be more entertaining for fans and players alike. They will again have a skills challenge and the NFL FLAG Championship games, which are more watchable than the Pro Bowl itself.

It is ironic that the NFL and Roger Goodell have long eschewed Las Vegas due to their stance on gambling and now they have an NFL team and the 2021 Pro Bowl there. Just five years ago, Tony Romo had his fantasy football convention cancelled by the NFL due to it taking place in a casino. The things the NFL chooses to care about at any time are often hard to understand. But here we are and the NFL is changing rapidly toward an inevitable partnership with sports gambling.