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Jameis Winston has off-season meniscus surgery

Besides a fractured thumb, Jameis Winston also dealt with a torn meniscus during the 2019 season.

Jameis Winston #3 of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers scrambles with the ball against the Atlanta Falcons during the second half at Raymond James Stadium on December 29, 2019 in Tampa, Florida. Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

This is the time of the off-season where we hear about players playing through all types of ailments during the season. Agents likely push these stories if their client had a particularly down year and some may try to squash them to help cover an injury that may turn teams off. For Jameis Winston, it’s hard to know what information they want out there, but it is being reported that he had a meniscus tear during the season that he had repaired, according to NFLN’s Ian Rapoport.

Toward the end of the season Winston also played with a fracture in his his throwing hand that we did know about, so there is some chance his unusually large interception numbers could stem from his injuries. Of course, he’s a known thrower of interceptions, so we can’t push too much blame onto his injuries.

The question is, will the Buccaneers and Bruce Arians take this information as a reason to give him more chances or as a reason to worry about his health and move on? Rumors are all over the place when it comes to his status, with nothing sourced or definitive coming to light just yet. The franchise tag is on the table, but they could also sign his replacement in free agency.