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Report: XFL players expected to be able to sign with NFL soon

XFL players are expected to be free to sign with NFL teams in short order. Look for P.J. Walker to be among the first.

The XFL suspended its season earlier this month, leaving their rosters of players in limbo as they figure out their next career move. The NFL opened free agency this week, but the NFL forbid teams from signing XFL players while the two leagues sorted out the process.

CBS Sports reporter Jason La Canfora tweeted that he was hearing the NFL will announce a change soon and teams will be able to sign XFL players shortly. La Canfora can be hit or miss with his news, but the timing of it would make sense based on a recent report.

Three NFL teams have reported reached out to the Houston Roughnecks regarding quarterback P.J. Walker. Given the prohibition the NFL had in place, this report would suggest teams have been told they can start to look into XFL options. Teams haven’t been stopped from breaking the rules in the past, but given how specific this report is, I suspect it is a strong indication the NFL is ready to move on this.