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NFL players approve CBA 24 hours before free agency tampering period scheduled to start

The NFL will avoid a work stoppage in 2021 with the owners and players agreeing to a new collective bargaining agreement.

Commissioner Roger Goodell participates in a ground breaking ceremony with Hall of Fame officials prior to signing the NFL’s new 10-year Collective Bargaining Agreement at the Pro Football Hall of Fame August 5, 2011 in Canton, Ohio. Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

The NFL Players Association voted on the proposed collective bargaining agreement over the past week and have formally approved it. The union announced the new CBA was approved by a vote tally of 1,019 to 959. The CBA players and owners voted upon can be read here. The formal, finalized CBA will look a little different, but the substance will be the same.

Upon approval of the CBA, the NFL also formally announced that the 2020 salary cap will be $198.2 million. If a deal had not gotten done, the previous CBA dictated that 2020 would have been an uncapped season. Technically that means teams could spend more than normal, but as we saw in 2010, the league implemented informal rules to keep teams from over-spending. Washington and the Dallas Cowboys both got in trouble when they went over an under-the-radar cap.

According to multiple reports, the NFL and NFLPA are now discussing what to do about the start of the new league year, which is scheduled for this Wednesday. There have been rumors it might be delayed due to coronavirus concerns.