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Report: Eagles want to trade Alshon Jeffery

After losing favor in Philadelphia and undergoing Lisfranc surgery in December, Alshon Jeffery and the Eagles look to split ways.

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Alshon Jeffery #17 of the Philadelphia Eagles scores a touchdown in the second quarter Jaire Alexander #23 of the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field on September 26, 2019 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles and wide receiver Alshon Jeffery look like they will part ways at some point this off-season according to The Athletic’s Connor Hughes. He reports that both the team and Jeffery want to split, so now the question is just how they go about doing so?

If the Eagles were to release Jeffery, it would cost them a $26 million cap hit based on the current CBA. They could end up trading a draft pick with Jeffery to sweeten the deal, but with Jeffery’s injury history, which includes a recent Lisfranc surgery, he isn’t going to be coveted in a trade. That surgery has him out until the beginning of the season, which would keep him from all off-season team activities.

The Eagles could try to void Jeffery’s contract due to an ESPN report of an Eagles player (who many believe was Jeffery) ripping into Carson Wentz, but that would be a longshot and without Jeffery’s name actually attached to the report, the Eagles would have trouble proving their case after Jeffery filed a grievance.

Hughes, who is a Jets beat writer, believes Jeffery would be a good pick up for the Jets, who will more than likely lose Robby Anderson to free agency. But, at this point, his foot surgery will likely keep teams away and force the Eagles to take the cap hit if they want to let him go.

Jeffery has never needed big speed to beat defenders, as his size and technique help him win one-on-one jump balls better than most, so, at 30-years old, he should find a team as long as he can prove his health. There are plenty of wide receiver needy teams out there like the Packers, Raiders, Patriots, Jets, 49ers, Ravens, and Bengals to name some of the neediest. One of these teams will likely get a deal on Jeffery and if he is healthy, he could help them and fantasy teams out, but nobody is going to take on a big risk as well as his salary.