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Why Washington vs. Steelers is not airing in certain TV markets

The Steelers and Washington square off in a late Monday afternoon game. We break down why the broadcast is not national.

UPDATE: If you have Sunday Ticket on DirecTV, the game is on channel 712

The Pittsburgh Steelers host the Washington Football Team in a Week 13 matchup that Covid-19 delayed to Monday at 5 p.m. ET. The Steelers were scheduled to face the Ravens in Week 12 on Thanksgiving and then Washington this past Sunday. However, Covid-19 led to three postponements of Ravens-Steelers and when it finally happened last Wednesday, it required pushing back the Washington-Steelers matchup.

This all leads to a bit of an odd situation on Monday. When the NFL has moved games because of Covid-19, those games have gotten a national broadcast. This game, however, will not be getting that treatment. Instead, it is being treated like a normal Sunday game. It will air on FOX as planned, and will be limited to the northeast, parts of the midwest, and central Florida. For the rest of the country, it will only be available via DirecTV’s Sunday Ticket.

Our friends at provide a viewing map that shades in the relevant broadcast regions. Additionally, below is a map from FOX that provides a look at all the notable broadcast markets and how the game will be available.

FOX Sports broadcast map for Washington Football Team vs. Pittsburgh Steelers Steelers Depot