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Javon Wims tapped C.J. Gardner-Johnson and then punched him in the face [VIDEO]

I’m not sure what the heck was happening here. UPDATE: It makes more sense now!

Playoffs update: CJ Gardner-Johnson is back at it, this time getting Anthony Miller tossed for throwing a punch.

UPDATE: It would appear Wims was defending Anthony Miller’s honor after Gardner-Johnson messed with Miller. It’s also notable that Michael Thomas’ practice fight involved punching Gardner-Johnson.

I’ll never understand why a football player will attempt to punch another player in the face while the latter player is wearing a helmet. I get that players get heated and want to take out anger and/or frustration, but it’s a good way to get your hand busted up.

It was all the more confusing on Sunday when Javon Wims tapped Chauncey Gardner-Johnson on the shoulder to get his attention and then punched him in the facemask. It should surprise nobody that Wims was tossed from the game. There’s probably a better than even chance he will get suspended as well.