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Darrel Williams plays Madden with Lamar Jackson and the Ravens against his Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs running back Darrel Williams is on injured reserve, and while his teammates prepare for the Houston Texans in Sunday’s Divisional Round matchup, Williams is playing Madden. He doesn’t have a game plan to study or film to watch, so it makes sense he’d enjoy some downside when he’s not busy with rehab.

However, he made a curious choice for his team in Madden. Williams posted some video of him playing with the Baltimore Ravens against the Chiefs, and he enjoyed using Lamar Jackson at quarterback.

He tweeted out some video with his team up 21-7 and Lamar Jackson spinning his way to a touchdown. I’d be curious what kind of difficulty level he is on, but he’s probably not the only non-Raven who enjoys using Lamar Jackson in Madden.

If the Ravens and Chiefs advance through to the AFC title game, we’ll see how comfortable Williams is playing with Jackson!