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Considering Tua Tagovailoa and every team in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft

Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is headed to the NFL. He declared for the 2020 NFL Draft and is a strong bet to go in the first round. We break down the QB need for each team in the first round.

Tua Tagovailoa of the Alabama Crimson Tide warms up before a game against the Mississippi State Bulldogs at Davis Wade Stadium on November 16, 2019 in Starkville, Mississippi. Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa announced on Monday that he will forego his remaining eligibility and enter the 2020 NFL Draft. He entered the recent college football season as a favorite to go No. 1 in the draft. A dislocated hip sidetracked him and likely cost him the No. 1 pick to LSU quarterback Joe Burrow.

That being said, there are numerous other teams that will be looking to draft a quarterback this year. Nothing is guaranteed, but there’s enough QB-needy teams that Tagovailoa seems a strong bet to not only go in the first round, but potentially as high as the top five.

Below is a rundown of the full first round draft order and whether or not Tagovailoa could happen.

1. Cincinnati Bengals: The Bengals are looking to replace Andy Dalton, but LSU quarterback Joe Burro is the likely No. 1 pick. That could change, but for the time being, Burrow is the expected pick.

2. Washington: Dwayne Haskins is their current choice for franchise quarterback. He looked solid at times as a rookie, and the team is not moving on from him at this point. They could draft Chase Young, or potentially move down for a team looking to draft a QB.

3. Detroit Lions: Matthew Stafford has dealt with numerous injuries, but has a sizable contract and is not going anywhere for the time being. They might draft a QB of the future, but it won’t be third overall.

4. New York Giants: They drafted Daniel Jones and will not be moving on from him at this point.

5. Miami Dolphins: They traded away all sorts of players for draft picks and while they denied tanking, they do not have a problem with a high first round pick. Tua makes sense in part because with Ryan Fitzpatrick signed for one more year, they’ve got the bridge while Tua continues rehabbing and preparing for an eventual starting role. It comes down to if the Dolphins like Tua’s potential.

6. Los Angeles Chargers: Philip Rivers is a free agent in March, and they need to figure out what’s next. They’ve got a lot of talent to build around, but have no idea what’s next at QB. If they drafted Tua or any other quarterback, they’d likely also sign a veteran.

7. Carolina Panthers: Cam Newton seems a decent bet to be traded, as crazy as that might seem. Kyle Allen is not the answer, and I don’t imagine Will Grier is either. Even if Grier gets another shot, they’re likely draft a quarterback at some point this coming March.

8. Arizona Cardinals: Safe to say Kyler Murray isn’t going anywhere as their starter.

9. Jacksonville Jaguars: Nick Foles’ first season with the Jaguars was hampered by an injury early in the year, but Gardner Minshew emerged as a solid quarterback prospect. It’s probably safe to say Jacksonville will give the guy they gave $88 million another shot at the very least.

10. Cleveland Browns: Baker Mayfield took a step back in his sophomore season but remains the Browns’ quarterback of the future. Cleveland will likely address the weakness of its offensive line before anything else.

11. New York Jets: Sam Darnold eclipsed his rookie year completion percentage, passing yardage, and number of passing touchdowns in his second NFL season. The Jets need to improve their receiving corps.

12. Las Vegas Raiders: The Raiders need to decide if Derek Carr is a game manager or a franchise quarterback. If Tagovailoa is still available at No. 12, Las Vegas could take a chance on him.

13. Indianapolis Colts: Andrew Luck’s unexpected retirement has put Indianapolis in an interesting situation. Jacoby Brissett probably isn’t a long-term solution for the Colts, so Tua could get a look if available.

14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Jameis Winston became the first quarterback to throw 30 touchdowns and 30 interceptions in one season in 2019. While he did lead the league in passing yards, the Buccaneers need better decision making. Tua excels in that area.

15. Denver Broncos: The Broncos seem set on handing Drew Lock the reigns after he closed out the year strong as a starter.

16. Atlanta Falcons: The Falcons had a disappointing year, but the blame can’t be placed on Ryan, who still has plenty of mileage on his five-year, $150 million contract. Atlanta should be building around him while it can.

17. Dallas Cowboys: Dak Prescott is coming off a career year and has been a rock for Dallas. The Cowboys shouldn’t be in the market to bet on an injury-prone quarterback.

18. Miami Dolphins (from Steelers): See pick 5.

19. Las Vegas Raiders (from Bears): See pick 12.

20. Jacksonville Jaguars (from Rams): See pick 9.

21. Philadelphia Eagles: Carson Wentz is the Eagles’ quarterback. They just need to find a way to get him through the postseason healthy.

22. Buffalo Bills: Josh Allen has continued to develop as a runner, passer, and receiver. He’s got plenty to improve, but he has emerged as a rare triple threat that fits the Bills’ style of play.

23. New England Patriots: The Tom Brady era might be over in New England, but Tua probably won’t be available here. If he is and Tom Brady remains around, he could be an option the Patriots stash for a year or two.

24. New Orleans Saints: Drew Brees, Teddy Bridgewater, and Taysom Hill are entering free agency. The Saints might be ready for a fresh start, and Tua could be a great building block if that’s the case.

25. Tennessee Titans: Marcus Mariota has overstayed his welcome in Tennessee and Ryan Tannehill is 31 years old. The Titans could use a young quarterback with a high ceiling.

26. Minnesota Vikings: Kirk Cousins finally got his first career playoff win this year, but the Vikings might be tempted to find an insurance policy with that rare clutch gene.

27. Miami Dolphins (from Texans): See picks 5 and 18.

28. Seattle Seahawks: Russell Wilson isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Tua would be waiting in the wings for a while in this situation.

29. Kansas City Chiefs: There’s no chance Tua would see the field in Kansas CIty with Patrick Mahomes entering his third season as a starter.

30. Green Bay Packers: Aaron Rodgers signed a big deal not too long ago but Green Bay needs to find a successor ASAP.

31. San Francisco 49ers: Jimmy Garoppolo is just getting started in San Francisco, and the 49ers are already one of the best teams in football. Other needs should take priority.

32. Baltimore Ravens: The Ravens have a generational talent in Lamar Jackson and wouldn’t restructure their entire offense around Tua.