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DeShaun Watson leads Texans to comeback win over Bills in OT

Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson celebrate after scoring a touchdown during the third quarter against the Buffalo Bills in the AFC Wild Card NFL Playoff game at NRG Stadium. Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Allen and the Bills got out of the gate with a blazing start, as Allen had a big run and caught a touchdown on their first possession. And that wasn’t the end, as the Bills defense held DeShaun Watson and company down for most of the game, but settling for three straight field goals to make it 16-0 wasn’t going to cut it against Watson, who took the game over in the third quarter.

Watson barreled over defenders and into the end zone on a 20-yard run in the third quarter and added a 2-point conversion on the ground to cut it to 16-8. At this point in the game, Josh Allen’s ability to keep things under control took a nose-dive. A sack fumble by Winton Mercilus gave the Texans a field goal to cut the game to 16-11 and after a quick three and out by the Bills, Watson went back to work, moving his team 74 yards on eight plays, ending in a short touchdown pass to Carlos Hyde to take a 19-16 lead after a Watson to DeAndre Hopkins 2-point conversion.

On the next drive, Josh Allen and Devin Singletary went 50 yards to the Texans 25-yard line and were poised to at least tie the game with a field goal, but Allen was called for intentional grounding as he was taking a sack, taking them out of field goal range. Then on 4th and 27, he took a 19 yard sack. It was a comedy of errors by Allen, almost dooming their chances. But this game wasn’t going to give up the ghost that easily.

The Bills held the Texans, stopping them on 4th and 1 at the Bills one-yard line with 1:16 left for Allen and the Bills. It wasn’t pretty, but Allen moved his team 41 yards on 11 plays and Stephen Huaschka tied it up with a 47-yard field goal to send it to overtime at 19-19.

The Bills won the OT coin toss, but a questionable blindside block call derailed their drive. Then it was Watson’s turn to do what DeShaun Watson does. On 2nd and 6 at Buffalo’s 44 yard line, Watson looked like he was sacked to make it third and long at midfield, but he miraculously spun out of the tackle and hit Taiwan Jones, who raced down the middle of the field to the ten-yard line. The Texans went on to kick the field goal for the win.

The Bills go home after a good season while the Texans will move on to either play the Ravens if the Patriots beat the Titans or to Kansas City if the Titans can upset the Patriots.