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Tom Brady offers mysterious tweet on eve of Super Bowl [UPDATE]

It’s almost Super Bowl weekend and Tom Brady might be ready to steal the show. Let speculation about his tweet begin.

UPDATE: Adam Schefter is reporting this is not related to Brady’s football future.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has a chance to hit unrestricted free agency in March, and it would mark the first time in his NFL career he’s had a wide open chance to leave for a new team. Plenty can change between now and then, and rumors will swirl like crazy.

Brady added some fuel to the fire on Thursday evening when he tweeted out a picture of what appears to be him either walking into or out of a stadium. Patriots fans might know if it’s Gillette Stadium, but it’s not entirely clear from the picture.

The question now is what this means. Is it a sign he’s leaving the Patriots for a new place or potentially retiring? Or maybe it means he’s planning on being back with the Patriots for another year? It’s entirely unclear from the tweet, but it’s sure to spur speculation. It could be about his future, but would anybody be surprised if it ended up being something more commercial in nature? Who knows.