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Complete list of opponents for the Indianapolis Colts in 2020

The Colts were stunned by Andrew Luck’s retirement to open the season, but showed some signs of life in spite of it. We take an early look at their 2020 needs and opponents.

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Jacoby Brissett runs out of the pocket against the Carolina Panthers in the first half at Lucas Oil Stadium. Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

Nobody expected the Indianapolis Colts would be in this situation leading up to the 2019 season. The team was often referred to as a dark horse capable of being a legitimate contender over the offseason, but that was before signal caller Andrew Luck retired unexpectedly. That changed Indianapolis’ entire dynamic and future outlook.

Jacoby Brissett hasn’t been a terrible replacement for Luck at quarterback. He went 4-12 as starter for the Colts in 2017 while Luck was dealing with a shoulder injury but got more wins, threw more touchdowns, and forked up one less interception than he did in that campaign this year. But whether the 27-year old can be a long-term fix is still up in the air.

Offseason Needs

Indianapolis hasn’t invested in a pick at the quarterback position since it selected Luck with the No. 1 pick in 2012. The Colts should consider ending this drought since Brissett’s only signed through next season, and Brian Hoyer and Chad Kelly are not long-term backup options. Indianapolis will have a pick in the middle of the first round and should be able to acquire a prospect with reasonable upside if they so choose.

The Colts also need to build on the defensive end. They got a steal with Darius Leonard in 2018 and should try to find an edge rusher or linebacker to compliment his talents in the trenches. This should allow Indianapolis to move more toward the middle of the pack when it comes to defending the run. Its run defense ranks 24th heading into Week 17.

2020 opponents

The 2019 NFL season is coming to a close and while the playoffs are just arriving, it’s time to start looking ahead to 2020. We won’t know the full regular season schedule until April, but even with the 2019 season not finished, we know each team’s list of opponents. The NFL has a formula they use to determine opponents, with divisions and conferences rotating each year.

The Colts face their divisional opponents a total of six times. The AFC South faces the AFC North, which adds four more opponents. The AFC South faces the NFC North, which adds four more opponents. The final two opponents are the teams that finish in the same standing position in the AFC East and AFC West.

Home: Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals, Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings, New York Jets, Houston Texans, Jacksonville Jaguars, Tennessee Titans

Away: Tennessee Titans, Pittsburgh Steelers, Oakland Raiders, Jacksonville Jaguars, Houston Texans, Detroit Lions, Cleveland Brown, Chicago Bears