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Black cat runs on field during Week 9 Monday Night Football

Who will get bad luck the rest of the game?

Black cat on football field

Week 9 is wrapping up a few days after Halloween, but we got one last cliche before the end of the schedule. During the Cowboys-Giants Monday Night Football game, a black cat ran on the field in the middle of the second quarter. We had a brief delay while we waited for the cat to run off the field, but action has resumed.

The Giants had started the drive recovering a fumble by Randall Cobb. Following the delay, they couldn’t quite get things going and settled for a field goal to take a 12-3 lead.

It’s been an ugly start for Dallas with an interception and fumble thus far. Does the black cat running on the field suggest maybe one should place a live bet on the Cowboys committing another turnover? They seem the more snake-bitten of the two teams in this game, so maybe it will continue. Or, I suppose maybe this will swing thing against the Giants. We’ll see what the second half brings.

The highlight of this as always is Kevin Harlan’s radio call. His prime time calls of crazy things happening on the field to delay the game is classic.