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No NFL team has reached out to Colin Kaepernick since his Atlanta workout

This is clearly stunning news....

Colin Kaepernick taking a snap during his Atlanta workout

Football fans will be stunned to learn that no NFL team has reached out to free agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick since his workout in Atlanta last weekend. ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting no teams have reached out to Kaepernick to work him out, sign him, or even have a visit with him.

There was some thought that the NFL put this workout together to give interested teams cover to check out Kaepernick in a workout setting. However, as the team tried to force a waiver on him that would impact his legal options and also tried to prevent a certain measure of transparency, it became a circus. Kaepernick moved the workout from the Atlanta Falcons facility to a high school an hour away. Seven teams showed up, while other reps instead chose to leave town.

Reports from the workout pointed to Kaepernick having the same arm strength as before and looking fairly similar to when he last played in 2016. One would think that the importance of the quarterback position would give teams reason to sign him, but their fear of whatever backlash they claim exists has kept anybody from even bringing him in for a visit. It would be a sizable upset if Kaepernick ever played in the NFL again.