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Rob Gronkowski announces Super Bowl return ... for a party

Definitely not another Fyre Festival.

Rob Gronkowski announces his Super Bowl LIV party

Retired NFL tight end Rob Gronkowski said over the weekend that he would have a big announcement on Tuesday. Naturally some folks speculated he might choose to announce his comeback with the Patriots. He has until the end of the month to come back if he wants to play football this year, so the timing would make some sense.

Any of us that thought that were probably being just a little bit foolish. Gronk posted video to social media in which he announced that he will be returning for the Super Bowl, just not to play in the big game. He is hosting a Super Bowl party that he is calling “Gronk Beach.” It will be a music festival featuring a host of DJs and musical acts and will feature plenty of food and drinks.

Gronk had fun with the video, offering up a devil and angel of sorts. The “devil” was encouraging the party while the angel was encouraging him to come back and play football. All in all a fun time.

That being said, how many people immediately thought of Fyre Festival when the Gronk Beach festival was announced?