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Video of Colin Kaepernick’s statement after Atlanta workout

“Ball’s in [the NFL’s] court, we’re ready to go.”

Colin Kaepernick speaking to media after Atlanta workout

Colin Kaepernick conducted a workout in front of the media and as many as eight NFL teams on Saturday in Atlanta, and the quarterback spoke to the media after he completed his throws. He spoke for 90 seconds and then headed out.

Kaepernick threw approximately 60 passes to four receivers he flew in on his own dime for the workout. The initial plan had been for a taped workout and interview at the Atlanta Falcons facility, but that changed when the NFL would not let Kaepernick’s team shoot video as well. It remains to be seen what will happen next, but Kaepernick made it clear he’s ready and the ball is in the court of the NFL and its owners.