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Colin Kaepernick to hold private workout for NFL teams on Saturday, November 16

The NFL has worked with Kaepernick to get this workout set up and promoted to the 32 NFL teams.

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick pumps his fist as he acknowledges the cheers from the 49ers’ fans after leading his team to a 22-21 come-from-behind win over the Los Angeles Rams at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports


Colin Kaepernick tweeted out acknowledgement of the workout.

Free agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick is set to conduct a private workout in Atlanta this Saturday, November 16th. NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport and ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported a memo went out to NFL teams from the league and they are assisting in making this happen. The workout will include on-field work and an interview period that will be made available to any teams that are interested.

The memo included the following language, per ESPN:

“Earlier this year, we discussed some possible steps with his representatives and they recently emphasized his level of preparation and that he is ready to work out for clubs and be interviewed by them. We have therefore arranged this opportunity for him to work out, and for all clubs to have the opportunity to evaluate his current readiness and level of interest in resuming his NFL career.”

Earlier this year, the NFL settled a lawsuit with Kaepernick and his former teammate Eric Reid in which alleged the league was colluding to keep them out of jobs. Reid plays for the Carolina Panthers, while Kaepernick has been out of the league since the end of the 2016 season after he elected to kneel during the pre-game National Anthem.

In his last season with the 49ers, Kaepernick appeared in 12 games. He completed 59.2 percent of his passes for 2,241 yards with 16 touchdowns and four interceptions. He also rushed for 468 yards and two touchdowns on an awful 49ers team.

It remains to be seen if this will result in a job offer, but there are plenty of situations where a quarterback would be of use. Kaepernick has been working out regularly since he became a free agent in 2017, but the opportunity has not arrived for him to return to the league. We’ll see if this might finally get the wheels in motion.