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Betting Eagles vs. Chiefs against the spread in Super Bowl 57

We make a pick against the spread and break down Eagles vs. Chiefs predictions in Super Bowl LVII.


Well, we’re almost there. Super Bowl 57 is knocking on the door and millions are about to let it into their homes while they gorge themselves into oblivion. Many of those viewers will have a bit of cash on the game and that’s where I come in to give my two cents.

Amazingly, this will be the first playoff game where Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs are underdogs. They aren’t underdogs by much, as the Eagles are currently favored by 1.5 points at DraftKings Sportsbook.

Super Bowl 57 predictions: Chiefs vs. Eagles spread pick

Mahomes has been an underdog during the regular season, but just nine times in five seasons as the starter. In those nine games the Chiefs are 7-1-1 against the spread. That’s not enough to blindly bet the Chiefs here, but it is a data point that carries some meaning.

But, the Eagles are the more well rounded team, with extreme strength on both the defensive and offensive lines, a quarterback who will extend plays, a strong group of running backs and two top-end receivers and tight end. In the end it will likely come down to whether or not the Eagles can overwhelm the Chiefs with their stacked talent or if the best player in the league can will his team, like he has often, to a win.

It would be nice to have a better feel for how Jalen Hurts’ shoulder and Mahomes’ ankle are doing. Hurts has not looked himself as a passer over the last few games, but he wasn’t really needed to throw the ball much in playoff blow outs. He will likely need to do so this Sunday though. The good news is that both QBs have had extra time to heal and both could be close to 100%, which makes me wary to use either injury as a tie breaker.

Both coaches are excellent play callers, but Andy Reid has the experience and a crazy good 28-4 record in his career with two weeks to prepare. Betting on Reid and Mahomes as underdogs with two weeks to prepare is probably a sound move no matter the opponent. And that’s where I’m going to lean for this matchup. But, I’m not pushing in all my chips with this one. This game is truly a close one that probably should be a pick ‘em for the spread.

Final pick: Chiefs +1.5

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