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How the public is betting the Giants-Vikings in the NFC Wild Card round

We break down the betting splits for Giants-Vikings in the NFC Wild Card round of the 2023 NFL Playoffs.

New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

The No. 6 New York Giants face the No. 3 Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, Jan. 15 in the Wild Card round. The NFC matchup is set to kick off at 4:30 p.m. ET. Let’s take a look at how the public is placing their bets on this game.

All odds and info were provided by DraftKings Sportsbook.

Point Spread

Giants +3: 54% of action, 47% of bets
Vikings -3: 46% of action, 53% of bets

Is the public right? The percentage of cash wagered on the Giants has increased since Wednesday, which is interesting. The Vikings’ nonexistent defense going up against a Giants offense with nothing to lose may be part of that, or it could be the Vikings’ tendency to underperform under the spotlight. It’s hard to say here, but the public is split on this one.


Over 48: 48% of action, 43% of bets
Under 48: 52% of action, 57% of bets

Is the public right? The under has the slight advantage here, which is fascinating, as the Vikings’ defense is not known for keeping opponents from scoring. The last time these two teams matched up, the final was 27-24, well over 48. It’s surprising to see more people leaning on the under, as it seems more likely that the over hits in this matchup.


Giants +135: 54% of action, 46% of bets
Vikings -155: 46% of action, 54% of bets

Is the public right? The Giants’ moneyline is a more profitable bet than the Vikings, which, in a toss-up like this, could be the deciding factor between that 54% and 46%. However, the public might be correct on the Vikings bets here — the Giants have been up and down toward the end of the season, and it’s hard to predict how they’ll perform here.