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Week 15 NFL Survivor pool strategy with safe, value, trap picks

It’s time strategy and picks to get your Survivor pool entry through Week 15.

Patrick Mahomes #15 of the Kansas City Chiefs passes against the Denver Broncos at Empower Field At Mile High on December 11, 2022 in Denver, Colorado. Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images

The NFL has wrapped up bye weeks and the conclusion of college football’s regular season means winter Saturday professional football is upon us. Week 15 brings three games on Saturday and 11 games on Sunday, while Week 16 brings 11 games on Saturday for Christmas Eve and three games on Christmas Sunday.

Week 15 is a big one with five different teams on the verge of joining the Eagles in the playoff field. The Bills, Chiefs, Vikings, Cowboys, and 49ers can all clinch a playoff berth this weekend. The Chiefs, Vikings, and 49ers will all clinch their division with a win, while the Bills and Cowboys can clinch a basic playoff berth for the time-being.

It’s time once again to figure out Survivor picks for the weekend. Last week, our safe/value pick of the Cowboys won, if just barely. The Texans gave them all they could handle and it took a late fourth quarter comeback effort to get the win. Our other value pick of the Raiders was looking great until the Raiders collapsed in the fourth quarter.

You’re unlikely to be using the 49ers or Seahawks on Thursday Night Football, but there are a few notable teams you might have been saving up for now. We’ll take a look at safe, value, and potential trap picks for anybody still hanging around the last remnants of Survivor pools.

Safest picks

Chiefs over Texans
Eagles over Bears

There are some options remaining for these two sizable road favorites, but not all that many. The Chiefs will be big home favorites against Seattle and Denver, but neither feels like a great option. The Eagles will be big home favorites against the Saints in Week 17, so there’s some room to save them for that.

Best value picks

Packers over Rams

Green Bay stinks and the Rams stink, but LA has effectively shut things down. Matthew Stafford and Cooper Kupp are done for the year, and plenty more are likely to join them. This is the last decent week to use the Packers if you’re running low on options.

Trap pick

Cowboys over Jaguars

I wouldn’t touch a road game in Jacksonville with a ten-foot pole. The Cowboys are the better team, but this is a tough call.