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AJ Dillon no longer on injury report ahead of Week 13 vs. Bears

We break down the news that AJ Dillon has an quadricepinjury. What it means for Week 13 and beyond.

Green Bay Packers v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Friday update: It appears the Packers gave their running backs a little rest this week as they limited Aaron Jones and Dillon each day in practice, but removed them from the injury report. They will both play as usual.

Thursday update: Dillon was listed as limited once again on Thursday. He is on track to play as usual.

Green Bay Packers running back AJ Dillon was limited in practice Wednesday due to a quad injury. The Packers face the Chicago Bears on Sunday night of Week 13 at Soldier Field. The Packers’ second RB, Aaron Jones, was also limited in Wednesday’s practice with shin and glute injuries.

Fantasy football implications for Week 13

Dillon has stayed healthy for most of the season, but this injury could be cause for concern if he and Jones both remain out of practice as the week continues. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers is also questionable with a rib injury, so the Packers offense could be stretched thin on Sunday night.

Dillon has added 531 total rushing yards this season, finding the end zone twice, including one touchdown in last week’s loss to the Eagles. It’s still early, so we’ll keep an eye on Dillon’s status at practice as the week continues.