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Aaron Rodgers continues to manage thumb injury ahead of Week 8 vs. Bills

We break down the news that Rodgers has a thumb injury. What it means for Week 8 and beyond.

Friday update: Rodgers was removed from the final injury report for Week 8.

Thursday update: Rodgers returned to practice on Thursday, much like he’s done the last two weeks. Unfortunately, his No. 1 target, Allen Lazard, has yet to practice this week.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is missing yet another Wednesday practice as he deals with a thumb injury. Rodgers has sat out of the last two weeks of Wednesday practice, but has practiced the Thursdays and Fridays of those weeks and played in the Sunday games. The Packers face the Buffalo Bills on Sunday.

Fantasy football implications for Week 8

It’s not likely that this minor injury keeps Rodgers out this weekend. As we’ve seen in the trend over the past several weeks, this is more of a rest day than a warning sign. The Packers face a very tough opponent in the Bills this weekend, and Rodgers’ absence could spell disaster for his receivers, including Allen Lazard and Sammy Watkins.

Rodgers’ backup is Jordan Love, who has appeared in two games this season and thrown for 73 yards. The Packers are currently on a three-game losing streak.